Contributor's guide

Thanks for deciding to contribute and help develop open source technologies!

Here’s the basic workflow:

  1. Fork any of the Storm Enroute projects and start coding.
  2. Submit a pull request to the master branch.
  3. The pull request is tested by Travis.
  4. After passing the tests and reviews, it will be merged into the master branch of the corresponding repository.
  5. The snapshot of the corresponding project is then updated and deployed – and you can start using your changes right away.


When contributing, please consider the following guidelines.

Pull request size

Please do not submit super-commits or mega-pull-requests. A long PR is a sure-and-tested recipe of getting your PR never reviewed and forgotten. Each pull request should be incremental if possible, minimal in size and focus on a particular change. This makes it easier to review and understand the changes – the reviewer is more likely to find the necessary time to give the PR the love it deserves.


When doing a bigger change, or set of changes, please discuss it with project owners on the mailing list. The owner can give you additional insight into the project, understand how your changes fit into other goals of the project, or suggest a better solution than the intended one.


Make sure to read the detailed styleguide on coding conventions, and the open source license of the project you wish to contribute to.