package reactive

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Type Members

  1. type Abelian[T] = reactive.algebra.Abelian[T]

  2. type AbelianCatamorph[T, S] = reactive.container.AbelianCatamorph[T, S]

  3. abstract class Arrayable[T] extends AnyRef

    A typeclass that describes how to instantiate an array for the given type T.

  4. sealed trait CanBeBuffered extends AnyRef

    An implicit value that permits invoking operations that can buffer events unboundedly.

  5. trait Channel[T] extends AnyRef

    The Channel is the writing end of an isolate.

  6. type CommuteCatamorph[T, S] = reactive.container.CommuteCatamorph[T, S]

  7. type Commutoid[T] = reactive.algebra.Commutoid[T]

  8. trait Dequeuer[T] extends AnyRef

    The dequeuer instance offers a unique dequeuing interfaces for the queue's elements.

  9. trait Enqueuer[-T] extends AnyRef

    An interface for enqueuing events.

  10. trait Foreach[T] extends AnyRef

  11. trait Isolate[T] extends ReactRecord

    An isolated, independent event propagation context.

  12. abstract class IsolateSystem extends AnyRef

    A system used to create, track and identify isolates.

  13. trait LowPriorityArrayableImplicits extends AnyRef

    Contains Arrayable typeclasses which have a low priority and are selected only if there is no Arrayable for a more specific type.

  14. type Monoid[T] = reactive.algebra.Monoid[T]

  15. type MonoidCatamorph[T, S] = reactive.container.MonoidCatamorph[T, S]

  16. final class Proto[+I <: Isolate[_]] extends AnyRef

    A prototype for instantiating an isolate that takes specific parameters.

  17. type ReactArray[T] = reactive.container.ReactArray[T]

  18. type ReactBuilder[T, Repr] = reactive.container.ReactBuilder[T, Repr]

  19. type ReactCatamorph[T, S] = reactive.container.ReactCatamorph[T, S]

  20. type ReactCell[T] = reactive.container.ReactCell[T]

  21. type ReactContainer[T] = reactive.container.ReactContainer[T]

  22. type ReactMap[K, V >: Null <: AnyRef] = reactive.container.ReactMap[K, V]

  23. trait ReactMutable extends AnyRef

    Describes reactives that are either mutable, or contain and emit events that are themselves mutable.

  24. type ReactRecord = reactive.container.ReactRecord

  25. type ReactSet[T] = reactive.container.ReactSet[T]

  26. type ReactTable[K, V] = reactive.container.ReactTable[K, V]

  27. type ReactTileMap[T] = reactive.container.ReactTileMap[T]

  28. trait Reactive[+T] extends AnyRef

    A basic reactive value.

  29. trait Reactor[-T] extends AnyRef

    An object that can act upon an event or be signalled that there will be no more vents.

  30. trait Scheduler extends AnyRef

    An object that schedules isolates for execution.

  31. trait Signal[+T] extends Reactive[T]

    A special type of a reactive value that caches the last emitted event.

  32. type SignalCatamorph[T] = reactive.container.SignalCatamorph[T]

  33. type SubscriptionSet = reactive.container.SubscriptionSet

  34. sealed trait SysEvent extends AnyRef

    The type of system events.

  35. class Tuple2Extensions[T, S] extends AnyRef

  36. class Tuple3Extensions[T, S, U] extends AnyRef

  37. type XY = Long

  38. implicit final class XYExtensions extends AnyVal

  39. type spec = specialized

Value Members

  1. val Abelian: reactive.algebra.Abelian.type

  2. val AbelianCatamorph: reactive.container.AbelianCatamorph.type

  3. object Arrayable extends LowPriorityArrayableImplicits

    Contains default Arrayable typeclasses.

  4. object Channel

    Channel implementations and creation methods.

  5. val CommuteCatamorph: reactive.container.CommuteCatamorph.type

  6. val Commutoid: reactive.algebra.Commutoid.type

  7. object Isolate

  8. object IsolateEmptyQueue extends SysEvent with Product with Serializable

    Denotes that all the events were processed and the queue became empty.

  9. object IsolateStarted extends SysEvent with Product with Serializable

    Denotes start of an isolate.

  10. object IsolateSystem

    Contains factory methods for creating isolate systems.

  11. object IsolateTerminated extends SysEvent with Product with Serializable

    Denotes the termination of an isolate.

  12. val Monoid: reactive.algebra.Monoid.type

  13. val MonoidCatamorph: reactive.container.MonoidCatamorph.type

  14. object Permission

    Explicitly importing this object permits calling various methods.

  15. object Proto

  16. val ReactArray: reactive.container.ReactArray.type

  17. val ReactBuilder: reactive.container.ReactBuilder.type

  18. val ReactCatamorph: reactive.container.ReactCatamorph.type

  19. val ReactCell: reactive.container.ReactCell.type

  20. val ReactContainer: reactive.container.ReactContainer.type

  21. val ReactMap: reactive.container.ReactMap.type

  22. object ReactMutable

    Helper traits and implementations for reactive mutables.

  23. val ReactRecord: reactive.container.ReactRecord.type

  24. val ReactSet: reactive.container.ReactSet.type

  25. val ReactTable: reactive.container.ReactTable.type

  26. val ReactTileMap: reactive.container.ReactTileMap.type

  27. object Reactive

    Contains useful Reactive implementations and factory methods.

  28. object Scheduler

    Companion object for creating standard isolate schedulers.

  29. object Signal

  30. val SignalCatamorph: reactive.container.SignalCatamorph.type

  31. val SubscriptionSet: reactive.container.SubscriptionSet.type

  32. object Tuple2Extensions

  33. object Tuple3Extensions

  34. object XY

  35. package algebra

  36. package container

  37. object error

  38. package io

  39. package isolate

  40. implicit def tuple2ext[T, S](tuple: (Signal[T], Signal[S])): Tuple2Extensions[T, S]

  41. implicit def tuple3ext[T, S, U](tuple: (Signal[T], Signal[S], Signal[U])): Tuple3Extensions[T, S, U]

  42. package util

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