package algebra

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any
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  1. algebra
  2. AnyRef
  3. Any
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Type Members

  1. trait Abelian[T] extends Commutoid[T]

  2. trait Bijection[T, S] extends AnyRef

    A bijective function between values of two types T and S.

  3. trait Commutoid[T] extends Monoid[T]

  4. trait Injection[T, S] extends AnyRef

    An injective function between values of two types T and S.

  5. trait Monoid[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Abelian

  2. object Bijection

    Contains factory methods for bijection instances.

  3. object Commutoid

  4. object Injection

    Contains factory methods for injection instances.

  5. object Monoid

  6. object structure

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